About Michele...

Hi, I'm Michele Beatty and if we were sitting at Starbucks having a latte or maybe at an outdoor café sipping a glass of wine, getting to know each other, there are a few things I would tell you about myself.

I am a wife, mom of three grown children and have two grandsons who call me Mimi.

These people are my heart!

I live in Northern California, about 2 hours in any direction from the mountains or the coast, and though I have lived other places and loved them, I am a West Coast girl.  Much like most women, I have many passions.  One of them is interior design.  I'm lucky that for the past eleven plus years I have call Interior Designer my profession.

It's been my career second act...

I had a conversation with a friend prior to moving back to California in 2002 and as we were walking through her remodel in progress,  chatting and discussing options, she said "you should do this for a living."  I was flattered but also overwhelmed with the impending move so pushed it to the back of my mind.  Once in California I looked for design programs and found one at the local Junior College.  We moved into our new home in July and school started in August...perfect.  No time to second guess or talk myself out of it.  I signed up for that first Intro class and the rest is history.  I loved it and really did not know, what I didn't know.  I learned so much.

When not working on client projects, we usually have our own DIY projects going on.  I am so blessed that my awesome husband ofthirty years doesn't run screaming when I start a sentence with "What if we...?"  He is my Mr. Fixit and we have patched, painted, wallpapered, tiled, etc. many projects over several houses. 

I realize I am taking up this whole conversation!

I am honored to go into clients homes and help them achieve their dream space.  I do not take it lightly whether we are Re-Styling a room or remodeling a bathroom, each and every project is going to make a difference in the form and function of that space.

So whether we are meeting for the first time or starting another project together, I am happy to have met you and hope you'll have a look around. 

Now, its your turn...give me a call and tell me about you!