DIY - Embellished Sparkly Pumpkins

Can I just say how much I love Target...and especially the bargain section right as you walk in the door.  I'm telling you, lots of treasures to be had if you look!  I found these faux pumpkins that came in green, orange and purple.  The green ones had me at first glance so I picked up some ribbon and a feather boa, fired up my hot glue gun and voila!  Easy, quick and cheap and I can use them again for a couple of years!

So here we go...

So the supplies I used were the faux pumpkins from Target, which I paid a whopping $2.50 for, hot glue gun and glue sticks, some ribbon (you can use anything to create the look you want) and a feather boa.

I started at the top and placed hot glue down the pumpkin at intervals to secure it.  I wrapped it from the top, down around the bottom and up the other side.  You can use one kind of ribbon or two like I did here.  

Once I had the ribbon looking the way I wanted, it was time to add the finishing touch and that was where my little furry boa came into play.  I placed the boa around the top to figure what was needed and cut that length. Using the glue gun, I just hot glued it to the top and voila...a little fur ball fluff on top of the pumpkin.  Hides your ribbon ends and looks cute too!  For $8 and an hour of my time, I got two one of a kind glitter pumpkins that you'll never see in any pumpkin patch!

Looks like a critter is taking up residence!

This is the professional shot taken by the talented

Austin Stevenot

, who also just did our professional headshots (although they're really not headshots...they're way better.  Thanks Austin!


Michele and Linda