Not Just For Brides...How to Decorate With White

It’s June and when we think of June, we often think of weddings and white.

So how about some white for your interiors.

Many people have white walls because they’re terrified to pick a color (you know who you are!) but what if you actually picked it on purpose.

Now we love color, but there is something very calming about a white room and if done right, it doesn't have to be cold or clinical.  Many of us associate white with doctors, nurses and hospitals but white is also the color of angels and white hats on cowboys are seen as being “the good guys”.

Benjamin Moore

has over 200 choices of white paint colors alone.

The trick is to determine the underlying color in the white.

Does it have a yellow, blue or pink undertone?

  Put several white paint chip samples together and see what we mean. 

Using white and cream together creates a balanced and warmer feeling especially when combined with different textures.

Rachel Ashwell, founder of

Shabby Chic

is the queen of white washed everything.

She has written books, developed furniture lines and has a collection sold at Target stores based on combining white in a beautiful and ethereal way.

According to Rachel, “white makes a flexible and forgiving first step.

It gives you a blank canvas for anything.”

What keeps this room from feeling cold are the touches of wood in the floor, vintage furniture and staircase.

Pictures above from

This room combines white with soft colors but it’s warmth comes from the different textures ie; the silk curtain panels, the mirrored side table and the padded headboard that looks oh so comfy.

A cozy den with creative use of books in the fireplace.

Suzanne Kasler's Bedroom in her Florida Home

One of my favorite designers is

Suzanne Kasler

who loves color but also does white mixed with a Coastal vibe.

As Suzanne says, “You can freshen up a white room just by swapping out throw pillows:

blues ones for summer, orange ones for winter, and so on.

A rug or work of art is another little way to make a big difference.”

Painting accessories all one color, in this case white, ties them together into a cohesive design element.

Below, see how adding pops of color creates a clean look but is certainly not boring!

The creamy white walls and the beige sofa are mixed perfectly

In the practice of feng-shui, white is the color of purity and innocence.

Its energy is crisp, clear, clean and fresh and is excellent to use in a meditation space or bathrooms.

See above how cozy white can be...

Use your collectibles, in this case the pitchers as a pop of color.  The white is also broken up by the stainless appliances and stone floor.

Images from

House Beautiful


The white slipcovered furniture plays a secondary role to the stone fireplace and the stunning ocean views!

So you can embrace that builder white or maybe you're ready for a soothing break in just one room, consider white as an option to update and refresh your home.

To your Elements of Chic,

Michele and Linda