Nothing Says Summer Like Wicker

One of my favorite new obsessions is a web site named Pinterest.  At this site you can see fabulous pictures in just about every category from hilarious graphics to the best looking food you've ever seen.  Kind of like flickr, Stumble, etc. It's a collection of passions for DIYers, foodies, graphic artists, fashionistas, you name it.  You can add your own pics or use pics already "pinned"; credit is given to the original author when a photo is "repinned" and you can save to your favorites, creating your own boards and follow others on Pinterest.  You can create your own inspiration boards for projects, events, whatever you can dream up.

Click here to see my board for one of my favorite summer looks...wicker.  It is a classic; vintage or modern, white, brown or bold color splashes.  Pair it with any color in the rainbow or neutrals to fit your own style.

If you are so inclined, check out Pinterest but don't say I didn't warn you when you're supposed to be getting dinner on the table and you are looking at all the gorgeous pictures and crazy inspiration from some extremely talented people out there!

To your elements of chic,

Michele and Linda