Family Love in Beaverton, OR

Hi everyone...Notes from Michele
Thursday I flew up to Portland to visit my oldest daughter Meghan, son-in-law and grandson Brannon to do some babysitting, enjoy some shopping, winetasting and take in one of my favorite cities and some family love.
So shopping Thursday...check.  Winetasting Friday...check.  Now today it's some Mimi time with my grandson. 

One of my favorite stores in the world, Anthropologie was a must stop in the Pearl Distric amongst others.  Friday was our wintetasting adventure which included my sister-in-law, Tricia.  Beautiful day, great wines (I'm not cheating on California wines but there are some nice Oregon pinots, even though you didn't hear that from me Oregon family!!!)

Aahh design paradise, please enter here.

Love their displays...

Anthropologie's front window is now my phone wallpaper.

Cute bowls

Two of my favorite design books

Love this bedroom display

Bathroom supplies anyone?

Now how about some Oregon wine from the North Willamette Valley,
starting at Ponzi Winery

Thank you...don't mind if we do.

Meghan and Tricia at Sokol Blosser.

Some very creative and talented people using winebarrels for more than just wine

Are these not awesome?
I want this in my kitchen...

Some flowers and herbs presented beautifully

Or any other beds with your shoes on ..

All in all, an awesome day in beautiful wine country.  Today a trip to the Beaverton Farmer's Mkt. (huge and delicious), painting plates at CeramCafe and hanging out.

And here's what you do when you're nine and bored at Ikea!
Love you B :)

To your chic elements,

Michele and Linda