Apples=Fall=Decorating Inspiration

Although it is supposed to be 97° today, the calendar says it's September and pumpkins are laying in the fields and showing up in the stores.  Back to School came and went weeks ago and Halloween is just around the corner.  Its Day Two of our blog challenge (read here) and we thought that the apple should get its due as a decorating accessory and not just to keep the doctor away. 

Now, there is this Apple, that is near and dear to our hearts for our iphones and ipods

And this little dumpling that couldn't be any cuter...


Sshhh...don't tell anyone but I love apple pie for breakfast.  Hey, it has fruit in it!

But here are a couple of really unique ideas for could serve Apple Martinis!

These would look great on any wood color for your table

Some DIY Projects below...

A couple of table setups...

And a simple, classic mantel
All pictures found by our Pinterest obsession

So think about what containers or baskets you already have and head out to your grocery store or local farmer's market for some Fall decor that is beautiful to look at, great to eat and use in recipes and maybe it's true about an apple a day...

Elementally Yours,

Michele and Linda