What's on your front door this Fall season?

Today at 2:05 am begins Autumn Equinox, a season of bright colored foliage and the reaping of harvest. Your front door conveys your first impression to the outside world of who you are! Golden colors of the season should shine on your front door at least through the end of September, giving way to Halloween fun in October, and returning to your front door until Thanksgiving. Here are some of our favs for this upcoming season.............

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A wreath moss with fresh pumpkins adding a linen bow is stunning on this door.

This grapevine wreath adds a mixture of flowers and feathers to celebrate the season.

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An alternative to a wreath on the door
 is this carved pumpkin filled with flowers and
 leaves tied with a satin bow.


This silk floral wreath with black ribbon would be a great wreath for Halloween.

Are you ready for some fall entry way designs? Next week some more inspiration! What is on Michele and Linda's front door? You can have a peek next week!


Linda and Michele