DIY Sea Shells in a Glass Cloche

Try this simple summer design that can lighten up your home decor and add a touch of nautical ambience to your table!  Glass cloche's are so trendy right now, so I decided to create a couple of design pieces!


Cloche pedestal and matching candlestick

The supplies needed for the candlestick are a candle stick holder, a glass container, sand, shells, votive with glass votive container, an African Twig Spray, and E6000 glue.  Let's start putting the candlestick together!

I used a brown candlestick holder and a glass bowl. Using wire cutters, snip off the metal pick on the candle holder.  Using E6000 glue, attach the glass bowl onto the candle base.

Let glue dry.  Fill with sand, shells, votive in a glass votive container, and add some pieces of African Twig Spray.  I like using African Twig as it looks like coral to me!  For all you local shoppers, my supplies are from Beverly's Fabrics and Home Decor in Modesto and they always carry African Twig.

Here it is all done! 

African Twig Spray

Now to the cloche pedestal....................

To make the cloche pedestal, I used the same candle holder base to match the candle, a glass plate and glass bell cloche.  Snip off the metal pick on the candle base.  Next, glue glass plate unto base using E6000 glue.  Let glue dry!

Rope nautical spheres and designer sea shells

Turn cloche upside down and strategically place rope nautical spears, seashells, starfish, and African Twig in cloche.  Carefully turn cloche upright and place on pedestal!  

Now wasn't that simple! A fresh organic way to celebrate summer.................


You can use candlestick holders as pedestals and create any home decor piece that suits your design needs!  Enjoy creating your designs...................


Linda and Michele