Table Top Tuesday - Happy 4th of July

Happy Birthday America!!!  We hope our celebration inspirations give you some ideas for your own 4th parties!  A few of our favs...............

Free download (many more) to stick in a picture frame and put on the table for decor!  Awesome!

 Love this wreath for your front door or entertaining area!

Paper fans are fun in your entertaining area!

Cute idea for serving drinks using 4th colors!

4th of July Party Favors

These party favors our cute and can easily be made!!!

Fun napkin holder! Using a flip flop, fold a napkin in a triangle and roll up inserting around toe end!  Vary the napkins and flip flop colors for added interest!  Please use new flip flops!

Love these firecrackers and hat candles!

ciao! newport beach: festive 4th of july tables

For those of you that like fresh flowers this is a simple, yet chic table!

Yummy and festive desserts!

Happy 4th of July to you and your families! 


Linda and Michele