Summer and the Livin' Is Easy - Day 1

We are almost through July.  It seems like the first day of summer was just yesterday, but we are in fact two days from August.  If you took a vacation in June, it is probably a distant memory.  The pictures on your phone prove that you were on vacation but a week after you are home and getting down to daily life, you are asking yourself "did that really happen?" 

Or maybe you are still anxiously awaiting your vacation in the next month or so.  We have taken a few days here and there but it has been a busy summer for sure.  School will be starting soon (like in two weeks for some) and maybe we need some inspiration to just...chill.

So each day this week, we will feature a picture to take you to that place.  Feel it and enjoy the moment of imagining yourself in the space.  It may be indoors or out but it will definitely be a beautiful spot to just say "aahhhh...


It's Monday, so maybe you need to get a little work in...wouldn't this be a lovely spot to just do the minimum before heading out to that day you have planned?


Michele and Linda