Favorite Things Day 2 - Christmas Shopping with My Husband

🎶the shopping can't wait

            🎶baby it's cold outside

🎶let's go right a way

        🎶baby it's cold outside

It won't take that long

     🎶No parking to be had outside

This morning has been

🎶 This morning has been

🎶Was hoping to maybe sleep in

🎶So very Nice...

We did a good portion of our Christmas shopping this past Saturday morning. With the practice of thirty years of Christmas shopping, hats on, and Starbucks stop, we hit the mall.  Can I just tell you that there was no one out that early. It was awesome. We walked and talked, just the two of us, choosing things we carefully considered. The best part...we were home by noon and didn't have to deal with crazy Black Friday stuff and still got some good deals.  Now just need the elves to show up for the wrapping party.