Valentines Decor With A Little Help From Dollar Store

However you feel about Valentines Day, made up by Hallmark or a day to celebrate love of your family friends, there are some fun ways to mark the day.  We don't always go out to dinner because I like to come up with some special kind of dinner and with my Pinterest habit there is no shortage of inspiration.


I don't go crazy with decorating but I wouldn't be me if I didn't do something.  I have a collection of pink dishes that I've gathered over the years.  They're fun and usually stay out and become part of my Easter/Spring decor.  My apothecary jars play a part in whatever holiday it is and make it so easy to change things seasonally.  Since this is our first Valentines Day in this house I started looking for where that particular decor might be...guess what?  It's in a box somewhere that I can't seem to locate.  Not wanting to spend a lot of money cuz I know that stuff will turn up a week after the 14th is over I headed to my favorite Dollar Tree.  So this is what I came up with...

How cute are these little plastic boxes?  And they are going to be great for my big apothecary jar.

Pink Dishes.JPG

Here are some of my pink fun to use when I have a girls dinner!


This is where the Dollar Tree starts to come in help fill the apothecary jars I bought five bags of these conversation hearts.  Great filler for cheap!  See those cute little cardboard sparkly hearts?  Five in a package for... you guessed it...a dollar.


                                So here's my ode to pink. 


 Another Dollar Tree find...these three cylinder vases with LOVE in different fonts all around them.  There were three left and I snagged all three.  Tied them together with ribbon, although I was wishing I had some raffia (it's probably in the same box with the Valentines decor).  Added some little glass hearts that I had from Pottery Barn and some flowers from the grocery store...


Here is the table...all stuff I already had and you can see the little plastic heart boxes in the apothecary jar.  The camelias are blooming in our yard right now like crazy...beautiful and free!


I bought the flowers in this arrangement but had everything else.  I think I got this basket at Joann's one year and it has been used for many things.  It's great because it has a flat back.


 So here's the rest of those glittery pink hearts on the mirror and a different view of my Dollar Tree vases.  All total I think I spent $15 at Dollar Tree.


So, hope you enjoyed the little tour and wishing you chic elements and a champagne and chocolate Valentine's!