Don't Mind Me Target...Spring Has Sprung

pantone Spring 2014.jpg

You know that Target is practically my second home right?  I almost feel like Norm at Cheers when I walk in there.  You also might know that I like to do a little merchandising when I'm there, just to help them out of course.This is Pantone's Spring 2014 Color Palette

When I saw these little lovely pops of color, well, it was a vision of Spring on the shelf but not in a very attractive way.  They looked lonely just lined up in a row, so I just had to help them out.

Spring Target1.JPG

 Do these colors look a little in straight from the Pantone Color chart? These white tables are sversatile in any room and for the price it is really weighed about 15 lbs. 

Spring Target 2.JPG
Spring Target 3.JPG

This little number would be great in a bedroom...nice way to reflect some light around. But they look a little uninspiring when they are all separate.

I think they need to play together don't you?

Cute Target Spring3.JPG

So much better.  Well, except for the ugly shelving in the back and the even more ugly floor tiles but you get the idea I hope.

Cute Target Spring.JPG

Very Springy!

Just changing out your lampshades and adding some colorful pillows will put a little "Spring" in your step! 

Til next time Target...