Pinspiration Monday - Spring is Blooming

All the almond orchards in our area have been putting on a show these past two weeks and are making way for the peach and cherry trees.  I wish we could let the world know how beautiful it is here and share some positive love for the Central Valley, instead of all the negative...cue heavy sigh.

I found a bright spot today though.  I received my little Pier 1 catalog the other day and had to check out all the cute, new Spring and Easter items.  Some cute little eggs may have found their way into my hot little hands but...

Put them down Michele...walk away!

I knew I needed to check what I have in my stash at home because I am trying to be good since our move to our new house last Fall when I donated, and sold and downsized and told myself that I don't need all this Stuff!  But I digress...let me show you the cutest vignette they had set up in Pier 1 and that became my Pinspiration for today.  So let Spring be sprung!

                                                     It's beginning to look a lot like Spring

                                                     It's beginning to look a lot like Spring

Oh, and I'm pretty sure I'll be going back to Pier know, just to look.  (wink wink) 

Are you ready for Spring yet?  My guess is if you live on the East Coast, that's a big he$$ Yes!