Ten Years of Following My Passion and Special Offer!

Its hard to believe that ten years ago this month I was finishing up my degree for Interior Design and embarking on this journey.  It has been hard work, late nights on job sites and at the computer but I wouldn't change it...because I love it.  I never thought when we returned to California that I would follow my passion for interior design.  Like a lot of life changing choices, it took a conversation with a good friend for me to see the possibility of pursuing that dream.  I love creating rooms that make people happy. 

I started out working three years for a flooring design company.  I learned so much about materials and how to use them for both commercial and residential projects.  I took that leap of faith and started Michele Beatty Interior Design and learned a lot about the business of design...sometimes the hard way but that's how you grow.

In 2011, I joined forces with my good friend Linda Porhat.  We had met in the Design Program and done a couple of projects together.  She brought her passion and creativity for Event Décor and we created Elements of Chic Interior Design and Event Décor.  We have done everything from party décor to high rise luxury condominium models! 

I love interior design because I never stop learning.  There are always new materials, new formulas and new trends.  Every project brings its own unique challenges and triumphs!

Linda decided to retire from Elements of Chic but has still helped me out with some holiday décor and will be there if I need her creative way of looking at things.  I have continued Elements of Chic but have returned to doing just the interior design portion.  That being said, I find it hard to resist decorating for special events too!

So now for the good part...the Special Offer part.  It's perfect that it's TBT because I am offering for a limited time...

60 minutes of Design Consultation

for $50.

That is the hourly rate I charged when I first started, that is at least half off.  So if you need help choosing a paint color, arranging furniture, hanging art, selecting flooring or countertops, maybe just help picking out pillows and accessories, now is your chance!  This will be for a limited time so don't wait to give your home a little love.

Call me or email me to set up your consultation!

(209)606-7518 or elementsofchic@gmail.com

Elementally yours,