IKEA + Target = Rescuing My Countertops

You know when you see something and you know it will be useful...somewhere, sometime, somehow?  That was my thought when I saw the Fintorp at IKEA on my last visit.  So I bought a couple.  Plus some of the cute little thingamabobs to go with it.  Also, did you know that some of the IKEA names are not even Swedish...sometimes they're Estonian or Klingon or just plain made up.  Doesn't make me love them any less, just um interesting.

So they sat around

For awhile in their boxes

Have a told you that I hate my white tile kitchen countertops?  Yep, I do.  In our previous home, we had Corian counters, which are solid surface and about as low maintenance as you can get.  Our new home came with white tile countertops, with grout and shows every little thing and they will be replaced eventually but we have other projects that are jumping up and down, saying "me first."

Oh, and a daughter who is heading to college in August.

So white tile it is.

But what if I could make the area above the countertops look better?  Distract me from my dislike.  Enter IKEA's Fintorp and a new wooden tray and utensil holder from Target to keep me away from a sledge hammer. 


                                         No dimming here...

                                         No dimming here...

I rescued the IKEA boxes from their dust gathering spot and got to work.  Plus I got to use my power tools.  These little metal bars offer a great secondary storage solution, get stuff off your counter and are cute too.  The Fintorp , I  love that word that probably isn't a real word,  comes in two or three different styles with all kinds of accessories to hang from the "S" hooks.  Case in point, the little wire basket above and below and the enamel white bucket with the fake plant that is very low maintenance.

                                Look at my fancy salt hanging out...

                                Look at my fancy salt hanging out...

You'll want to try and install these into a wall stud if possible so they won't go anywhere.

Here's the second one I installed,  that is next to the stove.  I used the new wooden tray from Target to corral the oil, vinegar and salt collection that seems to grow on a consistent basis.  Looks so much better...



and that is good news for the white countertops!

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