The Space Between...It's Called January

                         Wooden spheres created by Tricia Wessling

                         Wooden spheres created by Tricia Wessling

I love January.  Now.  Not when I was a kid who had a birthday right after Christmas.   Now, I embrace this month of a fresh new year and celebrate the birthday it holds.  I linger in the promise of a new year.  After all the Christmas decorations have been put away.  The quiet of it.  After all the holiday parties are memories in our phones. I love writing in my  new planner that has lots of crisp white pages yet to be filled with things to do and places to go, deadlines to meet.  And yes,  I still use an old school planner along with my iPhone calendar.   I am wired that if I physically write something down, I am more likely to remember when and where I'm supposed to be on any given day.  Do you do this too?

It's that space between and before...

Before the hearts and kisses of February, then on to Spring and Easter.  Before you know it, we are sliding into I just breathe in this space in between.  And organize, release the clutter and rearrange furniture, maybe a tabletop but definitely the mantel...and stand back and study my work.  It's the same for my goals.  For me personally and our family.  For my business.  For my fitness.  Our home.  And breathe in that space in between...

And then... I rearrange something else.

How about you?  Now that this month is more than halfway over, have you set some goals? Made some resolutions or new intentions?  I am happily filling in the spaces.

Elementally Yours,