A Wedding and Valentine DIY Jar of Kisses

Weddings...I have been married for nearly thirty years.  So going to a wedding like the one we attended a couple of weekends ago is always a reminder of that beginning.  When everything is new and those vows haven't been tested by  everyday life.  It's the laughter when you want to cry.  The phone call that asks "how is your day going?" To me, that's where the challenge lies, the everydayness.  It's who will take out the trash and unload the dishwasher.  Who is the cook and who cleans up? Picking up the slack when your partner needs some extra help.  Those little mundane things that could possibly drive each other crazy. That's where the rubber hits the road baby!  The little things...that's where the honor and cherish happen.

There were several beautiful moments at this wedding.  Although, to be honest it started 35 minutes late and John and I were taking bets (I mean wondering) if someone had cold feet.  Turned out not the case at all, just some technical and scheduling issues...as in the priest thought the wedding was at 2pm instead of 12. 

But one thing in particular at Anna and Joseph's reception made me sigh.  We were talking to the lovely bride and her new groom.  The first dances were done, the cake had been cut and they were making their way around the hall, talking and thanking friends and family.  I told them how beautiful the ceremony and reception were and that's when Joseph turned to me and said with the utmost sincerity and love in his voice that "It was beautiful.  But none of it was as beautiful as Anna."  Mic drop...

Cue the harps and hearts floating in the air...   

All that newness and love is contagious and a good reminder of your own beginning and soon enough they will get to the everday...just not right now.

Just in case you don't have any weddings to attend in the near future, here is a little DIY project full of love and kisses...

DIY Valentine Jars

This is a cute idea to easily put together for a teacher, friend or your sweetheart.  I found these jars at Ikea but you could easily use mason jars or those cute little milk bottles I've been seeing everywhere.

  1. So I started out with four containers...I used the black labels on two and smoothed them over the front of the jars to create a window that you can see the candy through. 
  2. I used chalkboard spray paint and gave them a good coat.  Once dry I removed the labels.
  3. If you want a great resource for tags, cards, etc. there are very talented people out there who create them.  Most of them are free for personal use.  I found mine at this cute site .

4.  Once the tags were printed on white cardstock and cut with a paper cutter I played around with ribbon wrapped around the top of the jars but I wasn't loving it.  Enter the red tulle. 

5. Creating the little top knot was a cinch (ha ha) by making about four loops and tying it in the middle with twine; then using the twine to attach to the lid.  I gave it a haircut to the length I wanted and fluffed it out...voila! 

6. Use a hole punch and attach the tag with another piece of twine.

7. Now the fun part, fill with the candy of your choice!  I used Hershey Kisses but you could use Conversation Hearts, etc.

Disclaimer for my Whole Life Challenge peeps...no candy was consumed by me for this project.  Sigh

So there you have it...a few kisses to get you through that normal everydayness!