Pink Dishes and Valentine Wishes

How do you celebrate Valentines Day? Do you go all out or just a casual observer?  We're not ones to go out to dinner and compete with the crowds.  We're more stay at home, usually in our comfies...though I might put on some lip gloss to acknowledge Cupids Day and make some kind of special dinner.  Something out of the ordinary...not the norm.  Nine times out of ten, it involves a new recipe, so no pressure there, we like living on the edge.  If it doesn't turn out there's always chocolate.

Besides lovely flowers, chocolate and wine there's something else I like to do...

Well, a couple of things but one involves bringing out my pink dishes I have collected over the years.

Most of my Valentines décor revolves around bringing these sweet plates, bowls and glassware out of the cabinet for their close up.  I don't really have pink going on in my home since my kids are grown and we don't have Barbies laying around in various states of undress.  I love to see what other people do with it in their everyday décor but it really only makes an appearance this month.  That's what makes it fun and special! 



Last Saturday I made a Trader Joe's run and got bunches of flowers and came home to style the table.  It was gray and gloomy so adding in the flowers made my day, although not great for photography!

                         Have you tried TJ's Dark Chocolate Caramels?  Sooo good!

                         Have you tried TJ's Dark Chocolate Caramels?  Sooo good!

The table is set, with pink bows on plates and glass hearts, flowers and arrows. The wine glass charms are from Target One Spot as well as the little arrow and tags on the rosemary. 

However you choose to celebrate...I wish you a Happy Valentines Day.  I'm going to try my hand at Paella tonight.  I'll let you know how it goes!