What The Friday!

High five!  You made it to Friday...and even better it's a three day weekend, with Presidents Day on Monday.  Friday Findings are a few things that caught my eye during the week and I'm sharing with you.

                   Almond trees are starting to bloom...Spring is on the way!

                   Almond trees are starting to bloom...Spring is on the way!

Valentines Day was Tuesday.  Ours was low key but sweet and I tried making Paella for the first time.  I thought it might be tough to pull off but with everything prepped, it turned out really well aannnnd I didn't need a special pan.  The recipe I used is here.  Full disclosure, I made it without the mussels or squid and we didn't miss it.  The chicken, chorizo and shrimp was plenty of protein.

This little seven year old is going places.  Read the letter she wrote to Google here.  She found out they have bean bags and a slide at their office and decided that's the place for her.  Love that she wants to also work in a chocolate factory and swim in the Olympics!

Did you watch the Grammy's?  I love to watch the three big award shows starting with the Golden Globes, then the Grammys and finishing up with The Oscars.  Texting back and forth with my Glam Squad girls, we have fun dissecting who rocked their speech, who had a "what were you thinking" moment and who wore it best.  In my opinion,  these country girls Carrie and Faith rocked it in red.  See them here...

Have an amazing, long weekend friends!