What The Friday! and Making Your Nest

If you come over for a visit, you'll have to use the back door.  It's OK, they say back door company is the best kind right?  It's not that there's anything wrong with the front door.  In fact, about two weeks ago I got my Spring wreath out, fluffed it up and added a new bow and hot glued on a cute little nest cuz I kind of have a thing for them.  Refreshed the planters and kicked Winter to the curb.


We had several days of beautiful weather...blooming trees and chirping birds.  But Winter wouldn't stay on the curb and  we had another bout of rain, wind and gray days.  Really makes me appreciate those glorious blue skies and 70 degree temps.

                                        My nest I hot glued to the wreath...

                                        My nest I hot glued to the wreath...

The orchards were so beautiful I just wanted to run through them.  I stopped short of that because, you know, there are

A.  Lot.  Of.  Bees

                                                         Almond blossoms...

                                                         Almond blossoms...

The bees were kind and let me take pictures and went on their bee way, creating almonds and peaches and cherries.  Doing their job.

But in the two weeks since I put that wreath on the door, someone else was doing their job.

John noticed it first...the lil mama would fly off everytime the front door was opened.  We don't use our front door a whole lot because we come in through the garage.  So this busy little bird built a nest on top of the wreath on the door.  My first thought was we need to take that down before she gets ideas and there are eggs...well, clearly she had other plans.  We did a quick peek so we didn't freak her out and this little overachiever had five eggs she's been tending to in her perfect little nest.  I grabbed my phone, took a couple quick pics and we are letting her be. Maybe it will get messy and a little noisy if they survive but we will definitely be on baby bird watch!

If you look on my Design Services page, one of the options is "Refresh Your Nest" so this little bird designed her own space, using what she had and what she found.  The perfect way to make a home.

And now for WTF...What The Friday!  Things that have inspired or made me smile this week.

Great article on how to eliminate distractions, as in Instagram, FB, etc.  when you're trying to get stuff done ... here

      Love the design trend of using plants in your home or office

     Love the design trend of using plants in your home or office

Lastly...I want to try this Shibori project here

Hope you have a great weekend!