Get a Grip!

It's a constant battle. That inner voice that only you can hear. The critic that knows you so well. Knows what to whisper at just the right moment. To give you pause or stop you in your tracks. I constantly battle that bit@h!  But she also makes me stronger. Makes me push through when I think I shouldn't or can't. So we live together in this tug of war...and sometimes I win.  

Thursday I went to the lake with Bob, Tricia and Kate. We launched the boat  and headed out in the heat in search of some cool water and breezy relief of the high 90 and 100 degree heat. Other folks had the same idea and our first spot was full of four other boats, so we moved to a different spot. Kate was all set to use the wake board. She is a master at popping up and hanging on. Forever!  She hung on as Bob pulled her round and about and round again. Then it was Bobs turn. Tricia drove the boat, he fell, started again and was up. This felt totally comfortable to be in the boat, on the water. We grew up waterskiing and spending summers at the local lakes. About 37 years ago. So I kept thinking...I want to try it. And then the inner voice says, "you have never done this before."  But I have skied many times. How hard can it be?  Yeah, but that was a century ago. Um, so what?   I said out loud, "I want to try."  And they said "great."  Instructions and encouragement given, I really didn't think about it until I was in the water, trying to figure out how to hang onto the board and the rope at the same time. What the heck are you doing?  I am going to knee board!  The first try was getting the feel of hanging on and getting up. Second try, the board nose dived. Kate the Great says "try moving back on the board". I say, "I'll try one more time guys."  Scootched back on the board and yelled "hit it!"  I  knew I was going to do it. I hung on, edged back and inched my way up to my knees. God that felt great! Third. Time. Is. A. Charm. To sit on that board and ride around the lake was a kick in the face to that inner critic. You know the one...That voice that says you're too old, too young, to this or that. Flex those muscles of "you  can do it. I  will do it. Let the boat do the work, relax into the pull and just get a grip. 


Also had this little man spend Friday night. He is thinking "you are so weird Papa!" 



Got some inspiration... 



And woke up to this beautiful sky this morning. Have a lovely week!