As promised.......................................... Our front doors decorated for Fall!

This year Michele decided to re-purpose two wreaths that she already had but were dated and had not been used for a couple of years.

For the front door, she purchased some new silk flowers and the letter B as kind of a monogram for the door. She snipped off the stuff she didn't like and then hot glued a new chocolate brown sunflower and two green hydrangeas unto the wreath. She added a garland of berries to match. For the B, she painted it a metallic copper (Martha Stewart paints - two coats).

Martha Stewart Copper Metallic Paint

Once it was dry she attached it with wire to make sure it didn't go anywhere and then painted the wire to match.

Michele's repurposed front door wreath looking beautiful on her front door. For her side door she uses the second wreath and strips it completely bare because it was U G L Y!

Old fruit that wasn't even reusable. A little "Happy Fall" sign that she found last week fit on the wreath perfectly and she just wired it easy.

Once a bow was added, it's ready to go, so lets see what it looks like on the door!

Double doors, double wreaths!  I decided to use wreaths that I purchased last year on clearance for my front doors this year.  But I need the glitz and glam so I decided to glitter them up! 

I used gold glitter spray to bring out the shine and add another dimension to the wreaths.

You only get to see the doors right now as we are going out today to get pumpkins to finish our outside Fall decor!

We've shown you it's your turn.  Email us your pics of your Fall decor, either inside or out and share what you love about Fall!


Linda and Michele